Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Mr. Gene Wilder, Thanks for encouraging my imagination!

Well, the Entertainment world was dealt another blow yesterday with the passing of the award-winning actor, Gene Wilder. I believe, it is safe to say that Gene Wilder has touched about every American living today in some respect or another. His body of work is vast and varied. From musicals, buddy flicks, comedies, and murder mysteries, you could always count on being enthralled with his performance no matter the material, genre, or medium.

There are a lot of performances of Gene Wilder that I will cherish for my lifetime. What I find truly amazing about my memories of this great talent is that they aren't just about the performances. When I look back, I realize that I have been learning about this craft (entertaining) from Gene Wilder every single time that I sat down and watched him. He taught me the "usual" lessons of a great actor: timing, listening, being present in the moment, and how to deliver a line among many other courses. However, I was also learning about nuances and details. How the change in expression can take an actor's intention to a whole new heighten level. How, if you care about your character, the audience will too. None of his performances lacked thought or purpose; therefore, they rang true every time. He was able to reach audience with his sincerity in everything that he did.

Being a natural introvert, there are very few people in this world I feel I would go out of my way to introduce myself to if the opportunity arose. Gene Wilder would have been one of those people. I feel sure that we would have had things to say and I would have left the conversation a better person, and a better artist than I had been before it began. While I'm sad that that opportunity will never come, I am confident that I will keep learn from Gene Wilder every time I watch a performance of his or listen to one of the many conversations on his career and acting that he has left us. For that, I will always be eternally grateful.

Thank you, Mr Wilder. You have inspired me beyond words.